3 Elements of Success: A Path to Fulfillment and Achievement

In life, we all have desires & aspirations that fuels our actions. We strive for fancy educations, successful careers, happy marriages, and healthy bodies, among countless other goals. These desires push us to take steps towards achieving them, such as studying hard, working out, or investing our love and care into our relationships. However, when we encounter setbacks or failures, we often find ourselves feeling agitated, stressed, and frustrated, questioning our luck and blaming external factors.

This article aims to shed light on the three fundamental elements of success—Will/Desire, Know How/Knowledge, and Action—to help you understand where you may be going wrong, how to channel your efforts effectively, and ultimately achieve success in both your personal life and business endeavors.

1. Will/Desire:

Our actions are driven by our wants and desires, whether it’s material possessions like money, a house, or a job, or seeking to overcome struggles such as stress, fear, and doubts in relationships. A strong will and desire set the foundation for progress and achievement.

2. Action:

While action is essential for creating results, excessive and misdirected actions can be counterproductive. Just as too much water can drown a plant, overwhelming love can suffocate a relationship. Manifestation through action is the final step in a series of seven, and it’s vital to take inspired actions driven by the spirit rather than the mind. This approach unlocks the door to luck and synchronicity, aligning the universe in our favor.

3. Knowledge/Know How:

Knowledge has long been regarded as power, but it’s not just any knowledge that matters; having specific knowledge related to the area we want to excel in is crucial. For example, if one seeks to attract wealth, understanding wealth creation is essential. However, even having the right knowledge isn’t enough; knowing when and how to apply that knowledge is equally vital. Many individuals know what to do but struggle to take the right actions at the right time, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

In the personal growth industry, the focus often centers on sales, goal achievement, and mindset. However, getting trapped in endlessly fixing the mind becomes a rabbit hole. The mind operates on two principles: what you focus on manifests in your material world, and you can only focus on one thing at a time. Thus, constantly attempting to fix your mind or business will only manifest more of those issues, leaving you stuck in a hamster wheel.

To break free from this cycle and achieve success, embrace the MojoShift—an approach that emphasizes the path of least resistance. While many believe that the mind is the ultimate key to success, it can also become the barrier between where you are and where you want to be. Shifting your focus and tapping into the power of your consciousness is the key to unlocking your true potential.

Rather than endlessly searching for answers or getting lost in the complexities of the mind, follow the mantra of “Just Do It,” as famously expressed by NIKE. Simplify your path by taking determined actions aligned with your desires and tapping into your inner power. The MojoShift enables you to harness the immense potential within you and transform your dreams into reality.

In conclusion, success isn’t just about taking actions or possessing knowledge; it’s a harmonious blend of will, inspired action, and the right knowledge applied at the opportune moment. By embracing the MojoShift, shifting your focus, and tapping into the power of your consciousness, you can break free from limiting beliefs and achieve the success and fulfillment you desire in both your personal and professional life. Remember, success is within your grasp; you need only unlock the 3 elements and set forth on your journey to greatness.

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